About our staff:

Our biggest asset is our exceptional team of Dental Specialists. Each of our doctors is well trained and has valuable experience in their respective specialties. The doctors keep themselves updated on the latest developments in the field of dentistry by regularly attending conferences and continuing education programs so that you get the best possible dental care comparable to some of the highest standards in the world.

To complement our professionals, we have a knowledgeable and caring staff that helps us maintain our standards of excellent dental care. At Apex Dental Centre, the patient's well-being is given priority and every member of our team is pledged to deliver his/her best.

To sum it up, we specialize in crafting smiles that express the true personality of each individual.

Apex dental team comprises the following doctors.

Our Doctor

Dr. Nilesh R. Mote

( MDS )
+91 9921958282
Orthodontist and Implantologist.

Dr. Abhijit Pharande

( MDS )
+91 9850904045
Consultant Oral surgeon and trauma specialist and implantologist.

Dr. Jayant Pharande

( BDS )
+91 9923203696
Root canal Specialist.

Dr. Hemali Bavishi

USA Consultant Dental Surgeon specializing in Family Dentistry and Cosmetic.

Dr. Rahul Kale

( MDS )
+91 9860121319
Consultant Periodontist and gum specialist.

Pragati Mirikar

( MDS )
+91 9623454322
Consultant Endodontist.

Abhimanyu Kothari

( BDS )
+91 9766698277
Specialist in laminates, Veneers, and Tooth Jewellery